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The Trip to Fallon

Back in July just a week after getting back from the boat the Navy was kind enough to take us once again out of our middle on nowhere California Lemoore base to send us to middle of nowhere Fallon Nevada. I was lucky enough to be able to drive with my friend and fellow photographer Devin instead of flying out. The drive out was pretty nice so we may or may have not pulled over once or twice to photograph the beauty of the drive. During this drive / photo adventure we chased and ran from the rain, because you know how it reacts with camera equipment. The weather went from beautiful and cloudy to a downpour to a beautiful rainbow with perfect lighting into some monsoon like dark downpour. There was a lot more fun crazy but I will save that for the rest of the trips story.







On the boat

During the month of June I was out on the Harry S. Truman for a month, my squadron was running drills and practices for our upcoming cruise. During our time on the boat a lot of crazy stuff always happens, I try to capture what I can but I honestly need a lot of work on catching planes in flight/landing/taking off. These are mainly photos I caught on the last day. Hope to catch some better ones next time.






Point Reyes Seashore

As I had stated in my previous post we drove for hours after a long work night and no sleep. There may have been a monster involved to stay up… or two. All I know is after getting there I did not need energy drinks anymore because I was wired from excitement and adrenaline. After shooting around the random beach for an hour or so Point Lobos was finally open so we finally got to our destination. I could not have asked for a better looking day, it was such a beautiful overcast day bringing an ominous beauty to the scenery. We probably just walked around and soaked up the beauty of the seashore for about 3 maybe 4 hours, walking on and off the path for the best views and photos. I honestly can not wait to go back and see it again. Possibly one of my favorite spots in California so far.





Random beach

One morning after getting off of work at around say 2 or 3 am my friend Sam and I decided to make a run for the beach so that we could take pictures and just run away from base and work life for a bit. Now if you know anything about military bases you know that Naval Air Station Lemoore is in the middle of nowhere. When I say this there is no exaggeration it is in the middle of central valley California so needless to say our drive just to get to the beach was a good 3 hours ish… After our long ride and no sleep after a long night of work we actually got to the Point Lobos Seashore a little after the sun had started kind of rising at about 7:00 or so. Unfortunately the park was closed because we go there too early, so we decided to run to the supermarket so I could buy a bottle to shoot since I have not even tried product in forever. We went back to the beach right outside the park and shot for about the next hour or so while the sun was coming up and slightly peaking through a super overcast day.



Memorial weekend

I decided to take Lexi to Yosemite on Memorial day since she has never been there and it was the only day that the two of us had off… One of the dumbest things I could have done. I don’t know what didn’t click, but I should have realized it would be the busiest place on earth that day. We sat in the car from 10am till about 5pm doing a loop in the park parked most of the time… I did get two nice pictures out of it though. Plus we could drive slow enough where she did not get carsick.



See what had happened was….

I did it again…. I let work and my life get in the way of posting and keeping up. I have been turned to the darkside and started using instagram as of late. I became lazy and just started posting photos to there and have been neglecting all of my other social media outlets.

I guess I will do my updates one at a time for right now….

My squadron a few months back had a change of command and I was lucky enough to be asked to shoot it. I was able to capture this during part of the ceremony.


I would say this is one of my favorite shots I have gotten of an F-18 not taken on a carrier.

Beach night

I have been missing the beach lately, so I decided that I needed to make a trip even if it meant only seeing it briefly at night and in the morning. I really only liked this one night shot, hopefully I get time to go back soon to try and photograph it again.